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Basic Rules

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Basic Rules in Derivatives Trading
  • Have a Trade plan and strictly adhere to the trading plan.
  • Follow rule no.1 at any cost
  • Never trade daily.
  • Always trade by keeping Stop Loss and Take profits instructions and follow it firmly.
  • Don’t get tempted to lower the stop loss levels.
  • Learn fundamental analysis and technical analysis.
  • Keep sufficient margin money, usually 3-4 times of the margin required for taking positions. This will act as a cushion during shocks in the market.
  • Cut your losses immediately or else you will be forced to take bigger losses.
  • Don’t be greedy.  Book profits which appears to be a reasonable profit.
  • Do not average the position. i.e.) if you have bought USDINR futures and the price is coming down, do not add another buy position.
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